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Puerto Rico 2018

Puerto Rico 2018

We are so blessed to be able to head back to Aguadilla, PR this summer. This will be our 4th year partnering with a church there.  We have build great relationships with Pastor Danny, Krystal, and the church there.  We are looking forward to being able to help out following Hurricane Maria last fall as they are still cleaning up and putting life back together.  Our 1st team meeting will be coming up quickly, on February 25 following small groups.  With the amount of interest we already have, we may be limited on space to add a bunch of people so be sure to let Jordan or Phil know ASAP if you are planning to join us!

Attached is the application. It is due along with a $100 deposit at our 1st meeting.  

Detroit Mission Trip 2017

We are so excited to be going back to Detroit to serve with Central Detroit Christian this summer.  We have had amazing opportunities to help CDC reach and care for kids in the city along with help work on projects in the community. This trip has helped open our eyes to the city of DetroitContinue Reading

Puerto Rico 2017!

We are so blessed to be able to head back to Puerto Rico this summer to serve with Pastor Jonathan and the Iglesia Metodista Renovados en el Espiritu.  This is such an amazing and challenging week as we step into another culture to serve, love, pray for, and worship with people. We will work inContinue Reading

Interested in Hosting a Sunday Swim?

Is your family interested in hosting a Sunday Swim this summer?  We are looking for homes for the 4 Sundays in August for both Middle School and High School.  We also have a pool available to us if a family would like to host and provide food for that week.  Please contact Phil to setContinue Reading

Detroit Mission Trip 2016

Would you be interested in joining us in Detroit again this summer?  This will be our 4th year heading to Detroit to serve with Central Detroit Christian working with students and helping with projects in Detroit.  This is a trip for MS and HS students.  We will have a team working with about 120 kidsContinue Reading

No Youth Group Tonight!!!

Bad news guys! Due to the uncertainty of weather and road conditions, there will be no Barn or Torrid tonight.  So sorry to cancel, but it's better to stay home and spend the night with your family.  Watch a movie, play a game, or just sit down for dinner together.  Enjoy your evening! We willContinue Reading

E-mail communication

Recently, we've been able to upgrade our e-mail communication.  We've run into some problems getting e-mail addresses for all students and parents which allows us to be sure we're getting information to you.  Whether e-mails are getting caught in SPAM filters, we got an incorrect address, or we didn't get one at all, there areContinue Reading

Small Groups meeting 1/10/16

Most small groups will be meeting today.  After being off a couple weeks for Christmas, we don't want to miss a time to meet up.  The heavy snow is done, winter advisory is lifted, and roads are in pretty good shape.  If you're parents don't want to drive or don't want you to drive, thenContinue Reading

Prayer, Praise, and Pie

Join us for our annual Thanksgiving tradition as we gather the day before Thanksgiving to pray our thanks to God, sing praise to him, and enjoy some pie.  It's a great time to slow down and reflect on why we celebrate Thanksgiving so we can go into the holiday with full hearts of gratitude.  It'sContinue Reading

See You at the Pole

See You at the Pole

Every year, students around the country gather at their schools in September before the school day to pray for their teachers, administrators, friends, and students.  This year, the day is Wednesday, September 23.  What time and where at your school all depends on your school so as the year starts off be sure to askContinue Reading