Intro to Koinonia

Romans 12 - Intro to Koinōnia
Dave Riddle - 09/22/19

Key Passage: Romans 12:3-8

koinōnia (Greek: κοινωνία) - fellowship, association, community, intimacy, joint participation (the share which one has in anything), communion. 

Humble, wise self-assessment

  • Romans 12:3

  • we need to have an accurate assessment of ourselves.

    • See ourselves as God sees us.

A single body; many pieces and roles

  • Romans 12:4

  • Unity! One body.

Diversity! Many roles.

Deeply connected

  • Romans 12:5

  • Individually members of one another.


  • Romans 12:6

    • Different than talent

    • Gifts of the spirit

  • Speaking gifts

    • didaskō - teaching for transformation.

  • Service gifts

Grace and Faith are indispensable 

  • Romans 12:3

Out (Our World)

A Family on Mission - Out (Our World)

Dave Riddle - 06/30/19

Key Passage: Matthew 9:35-38

A Quick Review

  1. One Calling

    • Help people follow Jesus together

  2. Two Commandments

    • Love God, Love Others

      • Mark 12:28-31

  3. Three Dimensions

    • Up, In, Out

Living on Mission like Jesus

He went.

  • Matthew 9:35 - “Jesus continued going...”

    • Teaching

      • didaskō (Greek: διδάσκω) - teaching with the purpose of transformation.

    • Gospelling

      • kēryssō euaggelion basileia (Greek: κηρύσσω ευαγγελιον βασιλεα) - preaching the good news of the Kingdom.

    • Healing

      • Jesus understood that people needed healing and he provided it.

He Noticed.

  • Matthew 9:36 - “when he saw the crowds...”

    • He didn’t overlook them or look past them. He saw them.

He felt.

  • Compassion

    • Matthew 9:36

    • splagchnizomai (Greek: σπλαγχνίζομαι) - to be moved as to one's bowels, hence to be moved with compassion, have compassion (for the bowels were thought to be the seat of love and pity)

He Explained

  • Matthew 9:37

    • The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few

Our Response

We Embody Jesus

  • Luke 6:40

  • We want to be like Him.

We Proclaim

  • Acts 1:8

  • Witnesses for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit

Two Outcomes

  1. Redemption

    • Ephesians 1:7

  2. Restoration

    • We can make a difference in a world of chaos.

The most important thing to remember is how desperately God loves you.

  • The world is full of individuals that God loves individually.

  • Do we see the world through God’s eyes or do we see faceless/nameless masses?