Always a Trace

Romans 11 - Always a Trace

Dave Riddle - 04/28/19

Key Passage: Romans 11:1-10

Question: Is God Done with Israel!?

Answer 1: No, He is faithful!

  • A theological answer.

  • Romans 11:2a

  • Foreknew: to have knowledge before hand: of those whom God elected to salvation.

  • As humans we frequently break promises, but God is faithful. 

  • It is outside his character to be unfaithful.

Answer 2: Look at me.

  • An anecdotal answer

  • Romans 11:1c

  • Even someone as bad as Paul was not beyond the reach of God.

Answer 3: Check out history

  • A historical answer

  • Romans 11:2b

  • 1 Kings 18 and 19

    • The seven thousand 

And so, today...

A remnant, chosen by grace

  • Romans 11:5

  • Not by the law, but by grace through Jesus.

The remainder, hardened

  • Romans 11:7-10

  • A combination of human responsibility and divine sovereignty.

    • See the example of pharaoh (covered in Romans 9 - Divine Decisions Pt. 2 on 10/28/18)