2016 Spring Business Meeting Recap


Business Meeting Recap: Our Spring Business Meeting took place last Sunday. At the evening session, reports from the Regents, Trustees, Deacons, and Elders were received. In addition, an operating budget of $1,350,000 for the 2016–2017 ministry year was presented and approved. The budget summary is available by request, both in electronic and hard copy version, in the Church Office. To all who attended, thank you! Special thanks go out to Roger Engholm and Leanne Windle for serving as Moderator and Recording Secretary, respectively, and the Nominating Committee for their great work in processing the ballots! The results of the election are listed below:

Elders: Bob Baker, Dale Yates.

Deacons: Michael Barr, John Esser, Lon Russell.

Regents: Robert Chapman, Kelly Rich.

Trustees: The slate of nominees was approved (Chris Bomgaars, Eric Hay, Bob Hott, Craig Lindberg, Ken Lundberg, Don MacDonald, Dennis Tosh).

Nominating Committee: Nancy Chapman, Chelsea Ford, Jill Gregory, Michele Lindberg, Stephen Morby, Lucy Morris, Richard Rich Sr., Theresa Shook.